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General Crashes and Hang Ups Happening too Frequently


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Hey everyone,


So, I have tried various versions of 10.5 and all of them have the same problem, albeit to varying degrees.


The iDeneb 10.5.4 release has been the most stable historically. That is until now.


Regardless of how many windows I have open or what program I am running (regardless of how resource intensive it is), the entire OS will freeze up for a few seconds.


Sometimes for a few seconds (no less than 30 seconds at a time) up to 2 minutes at a time.


I have tried the x11 fix posted in this same forum, I have tried to overclock my CPU (Core 2 Duo E6300 running @ 1.86 gHz natively, has been overclocked as high as 2.43 gHz)


My specs aren't terrible as I have the above mentioned processor,


- Nvidia 7600GT 256MB (working with NVKush patch)

- Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard.


I am using the 9.4 Vanilla kernel and everything else seems to be working fine.


Things that I'm thinking might be the problem:


- the kernel I'm using?

- the partition size of the OS X HD (50 GB)?

- the fact that I'm dual-booting (OSx86 + XP)?

- the RAM I'm using?

- the video card I'm using?


Anyone with any help please let me know.


Or simply post your own remedies that have worked for your installations.



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Try unplugging your network cable - or go to network preferences and deactivate the connection.

Click on the cogwheel and select 'make inactive'. Don't forget to click apply before you close the window.


Does it still freeze?

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Well the onboard NIC chipset I believe is a Marvell chipset.


It has worked since day one without any patches being applied.


Also, I just tried the given solution.


Disabling the ethernet interface has had no effect yet.


Thanks for your help though!

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