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how to show bootscreen.


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Hello to everyone I am sitting at the kitchen table here using the wireless on my awesome leopard install... the startup could be faster.. I want it to show the bootscreen instead of all this text...

well that's all i was wondering except for my sound... the last time i tried to get the sound working everything stopped working. I have an inspiron 1501.

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ugh, dammit... after doing this. i messed something up i guess. the boot time takes a very long time.. my other installation on a desktop running tiger has a much slower processor and only 256MB of ram and it boots up faster..

that is another issue.

Here is some of the things slowing down.


localhost configd[34] (some other stuff) failed to initFeviceFromService()




stevens-mac-pro kextd[10] IOKitWaitQuiet () timed out waiting for kernel symbols


CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=81[mdworker ] clearing CS_VALID

CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=82[mdworker ] clearing CS_VALID

CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=87[lssave ] clearing CS_VALID


please help me with these errors they are making the start up take like five minutes :)

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I don't know what your error means, but mdworker is part of spotlight. You can use a program like Leopard Cache Cleaner to clean out Spotlights index and have it index everything again, maybe that'll fix it.


About the lssave error, you can try some of the things discussed here:



Where are you seeing those errors by the way? If you deleted -v from the boot.plist you shouldn't be seeing anything on bootup except for an Apple logo..


Examine carefully the boot.plist that you edited and check if the syntax and formatting is correct.

If you have no idea what you're doing, post the contents of your boot.plist here.


Also go to Applications/Utilities and start Disk Utility, select your system partition and click "repair permissions".

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