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Basilisk Ii (running Mac Os 8)

Bob Loblaw

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Want to run "Classic" Mac programs? You can, with the Mac OS X port of Basilisk II, a suitable Mac ROM (I used a 1MB image from a Quadra), and an HFS image.


The trick is to create a disk volume in Basilisk II, and then substitute a bootable volume with the same name. (The "Add > disk images to mount" feature currently doesn't work.)


Substituting a bootable volume solves this problem -- and System 7.5.x is freely downloadable. Basilisk runs System 8 nicely, too.


(Set the system for 68040 for System 8; system 7 runs best with the 68030+FPU setting.)


Here are the exact steps I used.

1) Copy the 1MB Mac ROM file to your Os X drive

2) Copy a bootable Basilisk or Gemulator HFS volume to the drive

3) Browse and open the ROM file

4) Create a dummy HFS volume

5) Set the memory size and screen res

6) Rename your bootable volume to the name you gave the dummy volume

7) Enjoy that nostalgic Mac-ish goodness!

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