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  1. OSx86 10.4.4 Leaked

    No, at the moment, the EFI is basically the bios in the mac which already contains a few apps, resources etc. Essentially, unless you can load those EFI 'parts' into your machine, you won't be able to boot OSX. The light at the end of the tunnel however, is that Vista (at least it looks that way), will eventually support EFI booting. Maybe by then we ill have figured it out, but if that is the case we could modify the EFI loader on the Vista install to run the OSX installation. Although, at the moment, the fact that this EFI comes preloaded on a mac and uneditable is one of Apple's primary weapons. By not releasing the code in the EFI, nobody can crack it or install it on other hardware.
  2. I just stumbled across this on Windows Vista 5270 - there's an EFI folder on the hard drive with a whole lot of EFI files that Vista loads at startup (or will load, when it gets to RTM). If that's the case, we might be able to hack with that when the time comes e.g. replace the EFI boot program that Windows will use with the OSX one... Purely thought... after 5270 builds of Vista tho, who knows what might still go.
  3. Where Apple is smart at the moment, is that it's releasing only IMac and Macbook variants with intel chips. That means that it currently only has to support certain hardware (im thinking video cards). When the time comes, they'll probably relase a PowerMac tower (how can they change that... MacMac?) which has a kick ass video card so they can say... "let's not have to write previous kexts for old devices - nobody would want to downgrade, and they'll just write for newer cards." That's what is probably keeping them at the moment - lack of wide video card support for PowerMac/MacMacs?
  4. How to Edit DVD?

    Hi, This is a bit off topic for actuall installation but; I Have a 8F1111 DVD that I want to use for the installation, however It is patched with 0.1 8F1111 patch by maxxuss. What I would like to know is how do I 'copy' the DVD with Windows or add the file to the DVD - all attempts (builtin windows, nero) all say that the disk is unwritable. If I try to make another iso with UltraISO, I will become unbootable (but has the new kernel on it). How can I make a new, bootable DVD with an existing DVD that I Have with the new Kernel?
  5. Finally, More Rumors.

    Well we already all know that Apple has had OSX on the table for x86 since its conception, lest Apple's market fail or IBM dissapear etc. I think OSX x86 has been on the cards since 10.0 - XCode magically supporting x86 in a version that's not much larger than the PPC-only version? Seems like hidden functionality until now...
  6. Just posting my experience... I followed the guide on macvidia, and replaced the PCI match to 0x32210de (I must have the same card as the dev), and deleted the other records. When I tried to kextload it, it came up with this error: james-howlands-computer:/System/Library/Extensions root# kextload -t NVidia.kext kextload: extension NVidia.kext appears to be valid kextload: notice: extension NVidia.kext has debug properties set 6NVIDIA is not compatible with its superclass, 17IONDRVFramebuffer superclass changed? kextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension NVidia.kext load failed for extension NVidia.kext (run kextload with -t for diagnostic output) Any ideas?
  7. upgrade 10.4.1 to 10.4.3

    I've been able to install from 10.4.1 to 10.4.3 without modification (I used Dev DVD's, not deadmoos image). The only thing that I noticed is that it now takes a lot longer to start up. ...And for some reason my AC'97 Sound Card which worked using the un-kext-modified DVD doesnt work now. But apart from that, there's (probably) no problems in upgrading to 10.4.3
  8. Ok, Here's a problem for everyone: When I tried to boot the 8f1111 DVD, it came up with the usual fails (GeForce kext) and then said that it was creating a ram drive but couldn't allocate the last 256 blocks. It then takes about 25 minutes to get to the GUI and another 3 hours to install (ie it was running without the ramdrive aka smartdrive in windows). I'll post a screenie when I restart this machine. Any ideas on what is failing the ram drive? It's a separate HDD that OSX is already on, and it says that it can't load the driver for my SATA HDD (with windows)
  9. Ok, so now that the new build is out, can someone please outline how they were able to use the previous leaked version patch on this version (please?)
  10. So I wonder how many weeks days hours until this pops up on filesharing/torrent/w**ez sotes
  11. Active Directory and x86?

    Hoya; I've got Active Directory (domain) where I am, however when I try to connect to it with 10.4.(3), it gives me an invalid domain error... Is this possibly a still-broken function of x86?
  12. Ok, This is the 10.4.3 Story according to thinksecret: Apple Released 10.4.2 to developers as a 2.7gb Image When they install the image, it activates the software update, where a 97.7mb 10.4.3 update is. This may explain the conflicting message about the sizes of 10.4.3 and 10.4.2 We can therefore conclude that Apple may have released both builds together closely so that it becomes near impossible to hack the os easily (i.e. you would have to make three hacks to get .1 - .2 - .3, which is probably beyond the average user Thinksecret Source
  13. The yousendit link is dead. Would someone be able to submit it to megaupload - the link's dont expire as often.
  15. Yeah, but he tried a LUCENT card in the airport slot - a slot designed for a BROADCOM. The device was AUTOMATICALLY loaded because it was in the airport slot, and it worked.