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Best hackintosh DVD Drive: an IDE drive like in the Mac Pro!?


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I wanted an all SATA all AHCI system. Silly me. Here are my conclusions, please hit me again sir if I am wrong...


1. Most if not all SATA DVD drives don't get along with AHCI (on linux and windoze too).

2. So I thought, no problemo, what SATA DVD drive does Apple use in their Mac Pro?

Turns out they use an IDE drive! Can't yet figure out which OEM manufactures it.

3. Some people do retro-fit SATA DVD drives to their Mac Pro. This must then mean that the Mac Pro does not enable AHCI.

4. There are many different techniques used to install and run hackintoshes, and the jMicron chipset can be problematic for many of these, either during or after the install.


My tentative conclusion?

- If you want a SATA DVD, you have to turn off AHCI

- If you want AHCI, you'll be happier during and after a hackintosh install if you use an IDE DVD

- If you want AHCI and SATA, maybe you could run SATA AHCI on the southbridge SATA ports, and run SATA IDE non-AHCI on the jMicron SATA ports and use a SATA DVD drive there. But I can't get it to work with my Kalyway install, the Mac crashes when I start a burn.


Hope I'm not too far out of line. What are your thoughts?

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My liteon sata works fine... i need to put the pc in AHCI mode but after that it works fine

Interesting. So it in fact requires AHCI.

What install method did you use to get os x installed?

Is the DVD drive plugged into the southbridge SATA or the JMicron?

Did you install any special kexts?

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