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Build me an OS-X Leo Comp. PC!

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£200 is realy little budget for a basic parts :-( Keep in mind, that You also have to spend some extra money on peripherials (monitor, keyboard, mouse).


You should probably look for used parts on eBay, and than check them on osx86library.com or osx86 Hardware Compatibility List on Wikipedia.


Wish You luck.

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It's not a detailed list but look at it as a guideline.


P5B-deluxe mobo -90


Liteon dvd-rw -30 (newegg)


G.Skill ddr2-1000 ram -80 (newegg)


Cheap case -30 look for free shipping


400 wt logisys power supply -30 (newegg)


cpu fan -20 (don't need anything fancy but look for ones that have good reviews)


NV Gt7300 - 40 (get dual screen compatable model) 8000's are cheaper now also I havent been looking all that much.


With shipping you'll be under $400 or 225 pounds.




Thats what I have and it's rock solid and running OS 10.5 for 4 months straight now. I also have 2 sceptre monitors they cost me around 300 for both and a Mac Pro keyboard.

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