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Leo Install problem on an IBM X41


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I've try so many time to install OSX on computer that i start to see the end of the tunnel...

But, not yet !


Tonight, i've try to install my jas 10.5.4 patched for GMA900 DVD... and...

- A the start of the post install processus, my first problem is : No keyboard detect, you need to connect a keybord before continu... ok, i've try to continu with a usb keyboard connect, that's works but... if i've a usb keyboard connect to a laptop... laptop isn't needed ! So any one has a solution ?


- At the Migration step, asking me if i've have a mac, if i want to transfert the datas, etc... i clic on nothing to do and i wait for 1 minute before restarting the post install processus... Any info ?


Thanks a lot !





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