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Hi All new to forum I failed to load ubuntu onto my pc p5wdh mainboard

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Its Funny I was looking to find updates because of bugs in the ubuntu 8.04 and i came across an article this site saying the p5wdh was and excellent board to DIY a mac I had heard on the grape vine it had been done but didnt know it had taken off in such a big way. ;)


It hasn’t allowed me to solve my ongoing linux problem but it has given me hope to escape the disappointing vista ultimate software which I am sick to death of tweaking but continue to get pi$$ed off with it. It the worst operating system I have used since my first z80!!!!!! In fact it crashes out more than my z80 and every add on programme I use has some vista fault.


Anyway I have enjoyed ubuntu on my other system but the Jmicron controller problem stops me installing on my pw5dh deluxe. Well i can get it running but not an ideal dual boot system as i need to mess with bios and the sata drive dont all come on line



So reading this forum has given me an alternative distraction


Anyway I have a spare hard drive to hand and will attempt to install leopard.




My set up is a s follows


E6600 core duo


P5wdh deluxe


2gb ram


3 sata drives Samsung drives 300gb each


Dvdrw. lableflash


Nvidia 7900gtx. (single card)


All water cooled




I have dual monitors one is my 37 inch lcd and the other a 19 inch flat screen.


Just need to check will I still be able to dual boot both screens with leopard?


The system is water cooled and has run stable at 3.6mhz although a bit noisy at this levels so I tend to just run it at 2.8mhz


Anyway I will follow the guide and give this ago.


Any advice welcome



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