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everyone with AMD Athlon 64 processors


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i am trying to install leopard on an amd 64 cpu. i have tried: "LawlessPPC-Leo-10.5.4-Phenom&AMD"

when i try to boot i get: "install failed. the installer could not install some files in "Volume/MACDRIVE"


ok i just erased and partitioned the hard drive to macsomthing journalised format, using the disk utility after the apple cd boots up.


now i am getting a new problem.

the install seems nearly complete, then i get stuck in a screen showing:

a big apple in the background,

a spining clock-like icon in the middle-bottom of the screen,

and a white square with a caution sign inside, in the centre of the sreen. (does it mean it can't acces the hard drive or cd?) .

and that's where it stops.

what shall i do?



now i am re-downloading lawless, and juilius has said "I suggest iDeneb since it has 10.5.4, but i would add on Stage XNU Kernel afterwords."

so i am d/l iDeneb as well,

but i don't know anything about kernels. how do get it and what do i do with it?



please can some one suggest something.



which version shall i try next?


nice one, mm.

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