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HP DV9000t


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iphoness, unfortunately the intel wifi (4965, 3965, etc..) are very unsupported right now. What you can do is buy a Broadcom, Atheros, or any other wifi card that is supported by OS X and put it in place of your intel. But what happens is HP has a whitelist BIOS check that only allows certain types of cards and will halt your system with a card that is not supported. If your system supports version F.58A bios, you can flash your system with the patched F.58A bios from my thread here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=120190 Other bios are being worked on, hopefully they will be fixed soon.



Please can someone help me with wi-fi drivers for my HP dv9000t, i have kalyvey Mac OS X 10.5.2???

All I know,my wi-fi driver is intel/pro or something like this!

Sorry for my english and thank you for help.

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