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MSN / Live Messenger for Mac


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Hi all,


I'm looking for a good replacement for MSN for my Hackintosh.

I have tried several apps like: Adium, Proteus, aMSN, Fire and MSN for Mac by Microsoft.

All don't do the things I really want...

I want to use offline messaging.




1) I want to be able to login invisible (offline) so I can chat with my contacts without going online, this works in Windows.

2) When I'm not logged on en people send me a offline message I would like to be able to read it when I sign in and come online, this works in Windows.


Which messenger suits my needs? :(


Adium works ok but if I logon invisible (offline) I cannot chat with my contacts. I already tried the new 1.3 version.



Thanks in advance!

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Is there any msn client besides Live Messenger for Mac that supports web cam chat?


Not yet.

The issue is to do with the way the Windows version handles the video stream. Its the Windows one that needs upgrading before they can update the official Mac version.

Apparently this upgrade is indeed being made which will make the (Windows & Mac) versions compatible so that webcam (audio & video) chats are possible. But the last I'd read on the subject seemed to be saying that it wouldn't be till the end of 2008 at least.


Have tried to find the links where I read this (somewhere on the MS Mac developer's blog) but can't find it at the moment.


EDIT: Found the links I was looking for:




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