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Hi all,


Ever since I have my Hackintosh up and running I was looking for a "Think Different" wallpaper with the old Apple logo and a decent resolution.

But I could not find one that suited my needs... So I created it myself!


I would like to share it with you all, 2 "Think Different" wallpapers.

One normal Apple and one "Glassy" Apple.

Resolution: 1680x1050


Have fun with it! :)



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Hey mate!


You're welcome, enjoy :(


are you sure you made the glossy one it looks exactly like this one from devaint art, if you did good job,if not please give credit



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I did not "make" either of the 2 Apple logo's.

I googled for the Apple logo's, search images @ google.


I made the wallpapers not the actual logo's. Google the Apple logo, pick the right color, pick the text and make a wallpaper with them.

I really don't know who made the logo's so credit them will be a bit hard...

But if you insist: Credit goes out to the peeps that made the Apple logo's.



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