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Asus P5E-VM Quad Core Hackintosh G4 Build.


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I know we've all seen a few of these g4 hacks but i decided to give it a go myself as i think the Quicksilver G4 is a case which is nice to look at, this can't be said for some PC cases out there but at least it would be an easier fit :)


First i cut the IO Rear panel, you could say i went a bit mad hear but this mobos rear IO is quite long ways ;)

Anyway tight squeeze but its in.


For the graphics i decided to cut back on costs recycle an x1900xt from my xps tower as it's been replaced with 8800gt.

The G4s PCIs seem to be a little awkward i took a look they have little lips so i cut those back a bit, the pic shows the before not after.

My mobo is a Asus P5E-VM HDMI supports the new 45nm quads and up to 8gb ram sound and lan works so it's not bad and performance is reviewed good. At least it will give it a bit more power than the apple bits that were init

You can see the mobo in the tower, mobo nice and level, i used pci slot to line me up good. Now i need to fabricate an IO rear cover panel make the back look a little tidier for everyday use.

I will also recycle the power button although it's going to need some wiring to get it to work correctly i have diagrams for this so not much of problem.

To keep the power button soldering to a minimum i have cut up some io connectors carefully to provide me with some wire to pin connectors see pics this is a little time consuming but saves u time connecting the power button up with the LEDs e.t.c.




Next i will be getting on with a power supply for the system, it's only an micro-atx board nothing powerful but sufficient for the video card and quad core processor. Any suggestions on that front?

CD drive rack needs to be chopped with disc grinder see pic for marking.

I used the standard chassis fan hoping it will stay but if space is issue it will go, cpu will be cooled by zalman but all these parts are still yet to be purchased, wanted to get mobo in first.

I've decided to go for a speaker hole to back air flow i will use a double stacked fan like the G5 and Mac pro as well as an exhaust blower.









Update pics added i forgot to chop the res down a bit! Thats why i couldn't add the pics :lol:


Once i'm done fitting i will polish up and make things look a little neater and tidier... this is my first build so hope it goes well.


Let me know what you think! Cheers for lookin :D

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Great build, but I was wondering which install method/distro you used, and how that Vanilla kernel is working out. I have this board in an NSK2480 case, and have been running XP on it as an HTPC/server, but would really like to try the leopard thing out. I am having trouble getting some first hand responses about using this board, but it seems like if I drop a GPU (fanless preferably) in it, I should be fine with the correct kexts. If you don't have time to answer, I understand, and yes, I have checked out all the other guides, even specific to this board, just wanted to know what you did. Thanks.

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I got a small question. Whats the distance between your board and the metal? I mounted mine a little under 1/2 inch and the PCI cards won't go down into the slits, they stick out because I believe I mounted too high. I think I need to go down the 1/4th an inch, but clarification would be amazing.


Also, does your case have issues closing? I feel like I am missing something small and simple. it closes but won't shut, like won't close fully. Its odd.

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That looks exactly like what I'm after.

I can't believe how well that card seems to fit!

It looks like you don't even lose the first slot! (PCIe 1x i think)


I have two questions regarding this build:


1) From the photos it looks like you can use the first PCIe slot, is this true?

2) Do you think this MoBo could work on a Yikes! as well? (Fewer expansion-slots, bigger IO-panel)


I'm looking to remove the entire DVD and insert a multi card-reader (I have the Flip-down door) and go external on the DVD.


Best Regards on an interesting build!

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Regarding PSU:


I think this will fit the bill if you can live with a 90degree airflow :

-AOpen AO350-12PN

-Fortron-Source 400W

-Fortron-Source Blue Storm II 400W


If you're after an in-line flowing unit:

-AOpen Z400-08FC


Nowadays everyone seems to be into the side-sucking designs, so in-line units are hard to come by (if you want a high quality PSU). What complicates matters a bit more is the fact that you only have one power-connector (my Yikes!-build will use th Antec NeoPover 430 because it has two..).


You should probably go for a 400W unit (Quadcore and all). The Aopen Z400 will fit your bill and is reasonably priced too.


The alternative being that you buy an inline unit and mount it in the mac PSU case...




Best of luck to you. 

PS: se my thread


for considerations regarding inline vs 90 degree airflow in G4 cases. You will (most likely) have to do some modding to get the 90deg units to work in your case.

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Hi Tomfr,


I would be very interested in get some details regarding the ATX mobo on a G4.

I have an ASUS p5w and and old G4 that deserves something better inside...


I tried, but (so far) I have been unable to make it fit.

Did you had to cut the middle "floor"? (I mean the one on which the power and zip drive rest).


Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!



i make my G4 mod too, but with ATX motherboard ;), it's not hard to do...I will give news later (sorry for expression, i'm french)
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