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  1. Bro, if Your hardware are compatible with iDeneb 10.5.5 try it! I have intel e5200 + 1gig ram, 7600gt and my hackintosh it is very very stable (selected the only sse3 new kernel during the install). Never frozen my Logic8!
  2. great Wow! I hope I can get an G4 box too ))
  3. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Osx 10.4.8 JAS -Logic Audio 7 express / 8 pro - fully working -Digital Performer - fully working -Toast 7 titanium - fully working -Warcraft 3 game - working, but low performance -stuffit, xrar - working
  4. Is Logic Pro 7.1 Stable on OSx86

    I tryied some versions from osx + logic and the best was Jas 10.4.8 with Logic pro 7.2 and/or Logic 8. I tryed logic with leo4allv3 + patches, but I allways have crash, with 7.2 and 8 too. Actually I have ac97 and I need only a little trick, becouse my sound in osx not stable. (osx swith on-off my sound...:S So the trick: I need to run iTunes and then make a party shuffle list and play something. Set the volume to zero. (this hold sound always on) and then start the logic. and no problem, everything work fine with JAS10.4.8+all patch (ac97, logic 7.2/8, digital performer6) my config: JAS 10.4.8 amd athlon 64+ (no see3) Asus Nforce3 chipset nvidia 6600GT full QE/CI Ac97 audio M-audio Delta 66 (no drivers...) Sorry my english
  5. Hey! Thank You, today night I will try it I can use in my Leo only my AC97, becouse I do not have driver for M-Audio Delta 66 ... and Logic crash a lot... Thank You, I will post You the feedback, tomorro