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Need help with iATKOS 4

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Right, well, this is my first post so, lets get started!


Well, I'm 11, and I want to Dual-Boot Mac OS X and Vista... And before you reply saying, Oh you're too ambitious, and it won't work, well don't. I understand a fair bit about computers. I know this might screw it up completly. I don't care though. I've liked the Mac system ever since I was in P1, were there was a Mac OS 9 PC there... I liked it and wanted one... But I didn't say that... And now I have my own Laptop, I've had an idea... Install Mac on it!


Either way, I've had 3 or 4 goes, and failed... Once I tried to Boot into the iATKOS 4 DVD to reinstall, and it booted Mac. I was happy... But I was scared to try to boot into Vista to hunt the web for drivers... But I got bored with no apps and no internet and no understanding of Mac OS X. So i tried to boot into the Vista DVD I hd and change my active partition to Vista... I did that then rebooted. And God, was I in for a shock...


A Blue Screen of Death, of some sort stopped my from booting. Thats when I gave up for the night...

Then I Booted back into my Vista DVD and repaired it, I think I might have been lucky...


But I couldn't find any Drivers for my hardware on the internet, but I remembered on the iATKOS DVD it said about Atheros Wifi Drivers, so I tried reinstalling, no luck, tried again, no luck, so now I'm here asking you for help... I dont even know if this is the right Forum...


My System is as follows -

Acer Aspire 3690

1.73 GHz Intel Celeron M Processor,

60 GB Hard Drive... (15 GB for Mac),

Atheros AR5005G WiFi chip/card,

Realtech HD Sound...

I don't know what else I could give you.


Any help at all is appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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