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Question about copying Ubuntu/ best file system for storage for XP, OSX, Ubuntu.

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Hello! I've installed OSX, and am using GRUB to boot to OSX, XP Pro, and Ubuntu.


Currently, this is my hard drive partition layout:


I want to copy sda3, my 'advanced' install of Ubuntu to the extended partition, to replace sda5. Sda5 is a basic install of Ubuntu but I'm running Grub from it. My plan is this: To copy the GRUB boot config file (menu.ls) from sda5 to sda3, and then (using a Parted Magic live CD) delete sda5 and paste sda 3 in it's place, but making it much smaller. (Around 25GB)


Then, I will make the HFS+ partition larger (I can do that in OSX, right?) and move sda2 (windows) to the right, making it smaller.


My questions are these: Do you understand me? Lol, I'm always afraid that I explain too much! Next, will the above work? Specifically the copying of Ubuntu. And last, with my free space, what type of drive would be best made to be supported in Ubuntu, XP, and OSX? I'm thinking that fat32 will be the best. I would use NTFS, but it does not seem that OSX fully supports it yet. I can access EX2 from Windows, but from what I've read, the EX2 driver for OSX is very buggy/ you's lose data type thing.


I know most of this is an Ubuntu/Linux question, but I have a feeling many Linux people are here! But if you can't answer it, at least you can answer the question about the file system that is best supported by OSX, XP, and Ubuntu. Free software is best, cheep is ok, and expensive is a no-no.


Thanks for hearing me out!




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