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Best way to image drive?

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I have installed Kalyway 10.5.3 on my machine and have it working to a point where I would like to make a disk image before upgrading to 10.5.4. I tried Carbon Copy Cloner but this crashed the machine. I have another physical hard disk in the same machine which runs linux and OSX86 is on its own physical disk (IDE). I have used the SystemRescue CD before which includes partimage but am not sure if HFS support exists or is reliable. I also have access to an external USB HD on which I could format a partition as HFS (with the appropriate tool if one exists?)


Can anyone suggest the best way to image the drive and restore that image from outside OSX? Apologies if there are guides elsewhere - I didnt find anything on this forum. If my upgrade to 10.5.4 goes wrong, I want to be able to restore to the point I'm at now without reinstalling the OS and applications.


I would rather not use Acronis as this trashed one of my disks once.


Many thanks,



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