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Help installing iATKOS v4i


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I'm new to this. I just build a new box to install MacOS Leopard:



CPU INTEL Core2 Quad Q9550 2.83 Ghz

WesternDigital Raptor 10K RPM 150G

XFX 8600GTS 512M Graphics card


My install type is GUID, since the machine will be dedicated to Leopard (no dual boot).


First time I installed I didn't choose options and let the installer ran. When I boot it, I get the apple logo with a disabled symbol on the stem of the apple. I made sure my OnBoard device is AHCI. Still get the same problem. I don't want to try ATA, since this is an expensive and fast hard drive and ATA will just lobotomize it. Any other ideas?


Second time, I clicked on Custom install. I selected the options that I think apply to my hardware, then when I boot, I get the Darwin/x86 boot: prompt. No matter what I type: -v vanilla, toh, it comes back to the prompt with no messages whatsoever. I appreciate any suggestions.





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