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Connect to AirPort Express over wired ethernet connection


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trying to get iTunes to recognize I have an AirPort Express base station on my network. desktop hackintosh is connected through a wired connection to a linksys WRT54G router which is networked with AirPort Express (802.11n version)



Self-built hackintosh

10.5.2 kalyway

intel core2duo e6400

integrated NIC

-no wireless card (perhaps this is the problem?)



My laptop (Dell Latitude D630, Windows Vista Business) recognizes the AirPort Express base station because it's a wireless connection but why doesn't iTunes on the desktop/hackintosh recognize the AirPort Express base station that is currently networked via my Router (Linksys WRT54G)? I have searched far and wide and have found zero information on this issue. Is my only option to buy a wireless card (PCIe or USB?) and if so does anyone have a recommendation on what model / driver combo could work?


Really just want to be able to stream my library to the stereo in my living room. Right now I've been able to access the shared library on my desktop from my laptop via iTunes and then stream it that way to AirPort Express but it isn't very stable since the music is being transferred wirelessly from my desktop through the router, over the air to my laptop, and then over the air from my laptop to the AirPort Express (probably also through the router...creating even more traffic).



Please let me know if that all makes sense and any help is appreciated. Usually I can find answers just by reading throughout the forums (which I've been on for awhile now) but cannot solve this problem!!

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Also, I have download Remote for iPhone via App Store and iTunes on the hackintosh desktop does not recognize it yet the laptop does.


Sounds like the OTA features of iTunes won't work over a wired connection and only through an AirPort card. Perhaps that's the easiest solution?


Can someone at least recommend a good wireless card (either PCI, PCIe, or USB?) that will work without any fancy work done after installation? I think this might solve my problem...but I'd hate to go through 5+ wireless cards just to find a solution.

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This is a simple networking issue.

Q. Does your laptop get an ip address that is in a range outside of the linksys 54g routers' range? for example router has ips from - 35 but airport has ips from 35 <-is laptop in this range?

A. THis is because both devices have DHCP servers./ Turn the DHCP server off on any one device, preferably AIRport if linksys router is how you maintain a DSL connection, make sure that the cable on both ends( linksys and airport) are not connected to a wan port and assign the one without a dhcp server a physical ip address that is within the range.

For example:


Linksys Ip:

Linksys DHCP: On

Airport Ip:

Airport DHCP: Off


Computers get dynamic ip from routers - for example:

Hackintosh Ip:

Default gateway for Hackintosh:


Laptop (N wireless IP):

Default Gateway for laptop:





Look up NAT and l2tp in google for more information on routing.

If the above method does not work then do the opposite, that is turn of the linksys routers DHCP while leaving the Apple airport On.

Let me know how that went!



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I had pretty much the same issue, with a WRT54GS, and airport express b/g. Using the airport utility I checked the box "enable airtunes over ethernet". Here's what I did:

Instead of going through the airport wizard, click on Base Station > manual setup. Click on the Music tab. There you'll see check boxes for "enable airtunes" (which for me was already checked) and "enable airtunes over ethernet" (which was not checked). Check that and rock on.


BTW, maybe this is relevant, maybe not... I turned the wireless feature of the airtunes off, since it's right next to my router and connected via ethernet.

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