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Hidden Terminal sessions at startup?


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Hi Agian,

I got a small python program I run under Terminal manauly, but would wish I could run it hidden and started during startup!


In linux (Linux Mint) this was possbile and I am sure it is possible also here, but dont know how?



One remark,It cannot be run as root, since it give some premission issues later on!


Any hints?


Thanks (from insanely happy Hackintoch newbiie :-)



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You can create an application via the "Automator" application.

- Start automator

- select custom workflow (if asked)

- pick "run shell script" from the list (or type script in the search box) and drag it to the right content window.

- type your code in the text field.

- Goto to "save as" menu and pick "Application" as the file format (important!!)

Optional: You can try to run the application by double-clicking it to see if it works.


Now you can simply add the created application to your "login items" list via the "accounts" manager pane in your system preferences.


I think Pcwiz~ wrote a very detailed tutorial about this not long ago.

Use google to search for it, like this:

site:insanelymac.com your_search_term(s)


Good luck!


EDIT: remember to select the python shell terminal in the "run shell script" editor window within automator.

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