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Would this system work?

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I'm thinking about running mac os x on my system. Would my system work with it, and if so what hardware would/wouldn't?


Mobo: EVGA 780i

Processor: Intel Q9450

Ethernet: Builtin to the mobo

Hard Drives: SATA

Sound: USB Audio (works, I've used it with my macbook)

Graphics: EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX SLI (I doubt the SLI part would work)



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it sounds like everything will work fine, but we really need some more info. your CPU is great, and will be capable of using the vanilla kernal, but i'm not sure if your chipset will. If you install using vanilla and cant get it to boot, reinstall with a hacked kernal. If you should ever change that motherboard, i would recommend and intel chipset. after all, thats what apple uses, seems likely there would be fewer issues. Do some research on your vid car, it wasn't easy to find support for my 8400, but i remember reading success stories about 9xxx's while i was searching. I used the kalyway installation disk, which i think supports all (or most) on board SATA's, but not a lot of IDEs on the newer boards. IDE will work after installation, but maybe not durring, which means you'll probably need a SATA DVD drive if you don't already have one. It would help to have more specific info on that board, such as the exact network controller (i.e. marvell, realtec, ect...), and the exact IDE controller. I'm sure you're running windows right now so check device manager, or get everest if you need more details. hope this helps, and good luck!

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