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MSI Unveils New Click BIOS (based in UEFI)


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Micro Star International is undoubtedly one of the leading manufacturers of motherboards and, as further proof of this, the company has unveiled today its new generation of "Click BIOS" mainboards. Unlike other motherboards that come built on the latest chipsets, this board is special because it is based on the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface and features the graphical BIOS user interface.


The new "Click BIOS" feature will provide users with a simpler and more convenient way of setting up a computer system. It will also offer a better graphical experience and a more user-friendly BIOS environment. Being built on the latest UEFI framework, the Click BIOS offers users a graphical operating environment that is very similar to the Windows operating system, which means that they will now be able to use the mouse in their BIOS system. Furthermore, it will allow first-time users to better understand their own PC and even set it up without too much professional assistance.


The application also offers a multi-language interface that can significantly reduce the language barriers that might lead to setting difficulties. MSI customers will now be able to use programs such as games, multimedia players, online updates and other convenient applications. And, with the current 64-bit Microsoft Vista SP1 operating system supporting the UEFI framework BIOS, users will also be provided with an easier and more flexible application.


Mr. Vincent Lai, MSI global marketing director, proudly states: "MSI is quite dedicated in the research and development of the UEFI framework BIOS which is now and industry standard. Our new Click BIOS is user-friendly and easy-to-use and will provide users a brand new experience."


Currently, only three of MSI's motherboards support the Click BIOS application: P45D3 Platinum, P45 Diamond, and P45 Platinum. However, for the time being, only the P45D3 Platinum is available, while the other two will drop at the end of August.


Source: Softpedia News


So don't dreams yet guys, this UEFI based mobo will not allow us to install OS X, it is not based in the Apple EFI Framework.

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