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Monitor goes to sleep..need help badly..


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this my 1st time dual booting..


im using core 2 duo processor

Intel 945G

Geforce 7300SE/7200GS graphic card


I don't know whats doing on...

Im using Kalyway 10.5.2


I got this when I'm in the apple logo or when I type -V soon the monitor will go to sleep and nothing will happen..


this is my 1st time dual booting..nid help badly...


and do I need to inject some Kernels for my graphic card??

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hm, i´m having a quite similar hardware setup, and i did not have that problem.

so maybe you should check you monitor settings itself.

otherwise you may wait a few minutes (until the graphic interface is up, this may take a few minutes) and move the mouse cursor... this may wake your monitor up.

if this doesn´t work, boot with the -v option, and press the space bar, if the monitor "falls asleep".

give it a try. maybe it won´t work either, but at least it doesn´t mess a thing up.


in the installer itself, choose the cutomize install and install nvinject.

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i''ll try to move and move the mouse..

can you specify how long it takes to fully load it??


i'm stucked on the apple screen and suddenly monitor's down and nothing is happening...


I've tried it..so many times..


sometimes there's a X mark on the apple screen...

sometimes it just sleeps , moving the mouse doesnt help at all...


when -v

sometimes it says

"still waiting for root device"


sometimes nothing like that...

the monitor just sleeps again....moving the mouse doesn't help at all..


im using a HP slimline

core 2 duo

Intel 945G

Geforce 7300SE/7200GS graphic card


oh and I've not gotten yet to the installer part yet..



just dont know what seems to be the problem...


I've followed the instructions carefully..


but I think its my partition...


what must be the partition slot??


active?? fat32? logical?? ???


I think I mess up this part...



w/ my dvd...

I just downloaded kalyway 10.5.2 from torrent and burn it right away...

did I mess anything here??


any suggestions??

I'm having hard time doing this..

I badly need help...


I can't find anything useful in the search box so I just post my problems here...

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