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Its time to update!

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I am having Leo4all v3 10.5.2 hackintosh on my PC. I want to update its version to 10.5.4 and also want to update its Kernel to the latest. :D

Tell me which Update and Kernel should I use. Kernel should support Shutdown, Restart and Sleep like the NetKas 9.2.0 does which I am curently using.

Plz do give me the links along with the name.

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Cant anybody reply for it also?

Most of you must have updated your mac and still cant reply.


I'd recommend updating to 10.5.3 first, either with Kalyway (more options) or JaS (easier).

Then if you're happy with the upgrade, then you might be able to go to 10.5.4 using the apple updater, but MAKE SURE you have your system backed up before any upgrades are performed....

There's a big difference going to 10.5.3 (support for many more printers, Leopard Graphics Update, etc), but 10.5.4 is a relatively minor update.

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