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Choosing the most effective solution...

Peter R.

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Hey all,


I've been running OSX for a good week now and I must admit I enjoy it.


I chose the Leo4all distribution at the time because it seemed to me the easiest way to get started. It has given me very little trouble so far, and I would like to make the setup more permanent, switching to OSX for daily use.


Which begs the question : what is the most compatible solution ?


I've browsed this and other forums, read about the different distributions, bootloader, GUID's, etc, but I still haven't found a source about how these compare in daily use.


I have found updating 10.5.2 to 10.5.4 with Leo4Allv3 t be problematic.


So could anyone please point me to a source (or explain) the pro's and cons of using solutions like L4A and Kalyway vs. using things like boot-123, chameleon and the like with original OS media ? I'm quitewilling to invest time and resources in this to get the most out of my hardware !


Thanks everyone,


Peter R.

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