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ATI/AMD R700(Radeon HD4870x2) tested


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Some samples of ATI/AMDs new video card the R700, also known as the HD4870x2 have been sent out today, and there out some benchmarks out already, and for this card, these are pretty good performers. Here are some results.


Before I post the results, I will say this about the 4870x2, because this is something that confuses a lot of people. The 4870x2 is not 2 cards, it is 1 card, I will explain after the benchmarks.


Driver Heaven results



AnandTech ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 - R700 Preview


Some pics;







(CRYSIS NOTE-As you can see here, the 4870x2 and 4870 crossfire are not holding their own to well in the Crysis tests, this is because Crysis does not scale well to multiple gpu solutions. SLI has been higher in Crysis and Crossfire, but SLI is more developed than Crossfire. Even SLI could be better in Crysis, Crysis is just not the best coded game that's out there.)


Now the explanation of the 4870x2 being 1 card. The chips on the 4870X2, the R700, are not R700s that are featured on a single HD4870 video card. Specs wise, yes they are the same thing, however the R700 chips featured on the 4870X2, are "optimized" if you will to work with one another. There is Crossfire on the 4870x2, however this is not the type of crossfire used for 2 seperate cards. Crossfire on 2 4870s for example, is used to unite 2 video cards, this does not mean you have double the specs by the way. The Crossfire on the hd4870X2, is more hardware side than it is software side(Crossfire on 2 video cards is mainly controlled through Drivers), but still has some assistance of drivers. This is because with the 4870x2, the crossfire is between 2 gpus, and 2 sets of memory. Which work together and differently compared to Crossfire between 2 cards. So, when comparing this card to it's rival company, and lineup the GTX280, it's not 2 cards, or really 2 gpus.(If you count them, then it is 2 gpus, not the point though.) It's one card. This biggest thing that this card has over it's previous series the HD3870X2, microstuddering is not an issue anymore. The low FPS on Grid on the 3870X2, is because of microstuddering. There are still no drivers available to download on ATIs website for the 48XX series though, but Catalyst 8.7 is suppose to support them.

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