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white screen at boot


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Hi, i just installed jas tiger 10.4.8, installation went perfectly, but at firs reboot , after the gray apple i only get a white screen!! I made a restart -v and it was a kind of "could not make any display match" it was too fast then, a couple of vertical white line...

I did the installation with video driver , and whitout.


Asus A8V

1gb ram

athlon x64 3200+

ati radeon x800


Can anyone help me whit this !!

Thank you

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I have the same problem and i installed using the kalyway 10.5.2 disc as well. After i type in -v -x cpus=1 the install disk runs without any problems. After install and it does the auto reboot it hangs at the White apple boot screen with the spinning circle under it forever. I left it on over night just to be sure it just wasn't taking a long time but nothing happend. Does anyone know of a fix?


i'm trying to run it off an


HP m8430f

Core 2 Duo Quad 2.4ghz

4gigs ram

Geforece 8500gt

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