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10.5.4 + NVinject problem...


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Hello i have osx 10.5.4 with vanilla kernel.


It running smooth but when i try to install nv inject it don't boot anymore...

osx ask me to reboot when it load.


(when i install it on 10.5.2 it works...)


can someone tell me how to?


my graphics card is 8400GS


thanks a lot.

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I used "nvinstaller" to get mine up and going. Once you upgrade to 10.5.3, go to your extensions folder and delete all of the nvidia or geforce related drivers. after that run the nvinstaller package. When its finished reboot and you should be good to go.

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Dont use nvinstaller as it will install all old kexts. 10.5.4 kexts are newer and better. NVInject does not work anymore.

You have to use NVKush Installer (similar to NVInject but works on 10.5.3+) or be brave and start using EFI Graphics string

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I got NVInject to work with my 8800 GS after upgrading to 10.5.4 from 10.5.2 on Zephyroth's AMD using the AMD Apple Software Update tool. The update installs a version of NVDAResman.kext that is tied to an Intel CPU-- use Marvin's AMD Utility to remove the cpuid and Quartz Extreme and Core Image should start working again.


You don't have to use EFI strrings necessarily-- I had the hardest time getting them to work with AMD EFI (maybe AMD EFI doesn't support gfx strings? Oh well, question for another post).



Oh! I forgot to add-- you need to fix permissions on NVInject.kext when you install it to /System/Library/Extensions.


Do the following:

- boot with the flags -s -v

- $ /sbin/mount -uw /

- cd /System/Library/Extensions

- chmod -R 755 *

- chown -R root:wheel *

- cd /System/Library

- rm Extensions.mkext

- reboot


Then, when the system restarts, boot with -v and you can get details on what is failing. You may have a kernel panic, which you may be able to fix by removing kexts for other graphics cards and setting the right IDs in the plists for NVDAResman.kext, Geforce.kext, and one of NVDA50Hal.kext, NVDA40Hal.kext, NVDA30Hal.kext.


- N

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my two cents;


The only way for me to get CI/QE on 10.5.4 is with Natit.


NVKush, EFI Strings and NVInject don't work for me anymore for some reason. All three used to work..


So if you have no luck with those, try Natit as well.

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