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Cloning OS X partition for testing

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I have a Hackintosh with three hard drives. Disk 0 is the OS drive as follows:


Installed MBR option


disk0p2=empty for the moment

disk0p3=OS X 10.5.2 from 10.5.1 Kalyway (I don't remember how I got 10.5.2 on there, but I do remember there were a lot of Terminal commands)


Everything works. I'm using the Vista Bootloader and EasyBCD. The partitions are equally divided, space wise.


I want to use the 2nd partition as bootable clone of the OS X partition 3 for testing purposes. That way if I test and update OS X, then brick the install, I don't hose my functioning OS X system.


I read somewhere here that I could use the Disk Utility system restore to clone the working OS X partition to the empty one. I restored partition 3 to partition 2. When I rebooted I had to reactivate the Vista partition to get the bootloader back. Vista worked, but when I went into OS X I got the chain boot error instead of the Darwin loader. I eventually had to delete the 2nd partition in order to get OS X working again.


Is this making sense? Is this possbile? Thanks.

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Boot with the Install Disk


Disk Utility -> Restore


Thanks for the response, but how is this different than doing Disk Utility -> Restore from my Leopard install? Which is what I originally did and got the chain boot error until I deleted the partition? Just trying to understand the specifics so I can do this efficiently--it takes almost two hours to do a restore with my current install.

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OK... here's the latest. I was going to try using Carbon Copy, however... I needed to recreate the second partition in order for Carbon Copy to see it. I created it with Gparted Live, then went into OS X and formatted it as Mac Journaled. I noticed that the Partition icon in Disk Utility for my Vista partition went from a little disk to a little document. When I restarted, Partition 1, the Vista partition was not active, and I got the "missing operating system" message. Fine, I've seen this before. I used GParted Live to make active the Vista partition. No problem, Vista Boot Loader appears. But once again, when I tried to go into OS X, I got the chain boot error. Whacking that second partition fixes everything, but now?


So, the chain boot error had nothing to do with the restore process. Just simply creating another mac partition on the hard drive gives chain boot error. Why? And is there a way to have that 2nd partition as a mac test partition?

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