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C++ to iPhone App.

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Hey, everybody.


I am poor at the moment but want to make some money in a way that I feel like I have earnt it.


One way I have thought of is porting one of my Windows, console, C++ application into a iPhone/iPod Touch App.


How easy is it to port C++ to Obj-C and how hard will it be to add in graphics and the important touch receptors.


To give more help to you to save you time later I plan to bring out a simple "Guess My Number" Initial ideas will have a welcome screen with 2 options. "Guess the iPhone's number" or "Let the iPhone guess my number".


In "Guess the iPhone's number" the iPhone will say "Guess My Number" with a text box below and a button saying "Guess" the user enters a guess, presses the button and the iPhone will say whether the Guess is too high or too low. Then adds one to the tries in the top right corner.


For the "Guess the iPhone's Number" The iPhone will say "Think of a number between 1 & X" With a button at the bottom saying "Go". The iPhone then guesses a number and the user either presses "Yes"or "No" depending on whether the number is correct. The iPhone will also add 1 to the tries corner.


For both games the iPhone will leave a finishing message and, if I can get it to work, a replay for the whole app.


To see the Windows Console version. Visit www.naughtyottselprogram.tk

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