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Patch help on 10.5.2 installation


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I want to install Mac OS X on my computer

My computer:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+

512mb ram

Club 3d ati radeon x1300 pro

Abit KN8-SLI nforce 4 sli realtek alc850 audio

What patches should i choose in the installation and can my computer even run mac os x?

Please help.




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About MBR for AMD you should chose it, but I couldn't find where to do that.

Jas Partition magic boot cd will work, but Gparted live cd is freeware and I don't know is there any boot flags. ( with boot flag you can say from what partition to boot)

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I installed it with these kexts:

the default kelner (sleep smth)

natit x1000 ati drivers



processor patch 1 and the last thing and applenforceata

when it restarted it gives alot of texts and the last one is "macintosh-00508dd7faa0 mdnsresponder[34] : couldn't read user specified local hostname; using default bmacintosh-00508dd7faa0.localb instead" and there it stops

Can anyone help?

Now i tried an it gives me: iokit wait quiet() timed out waiting for iokit to quiesce

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Well I haven't get my kalyway to boot, but you should try to use second amd patch, and legacy flag. Mainly if the system don't start it's problem in motherboard or cpu driver, because if there would be problem in VGA it wound show you anything or blue screen.

There is two top level DVDs - Kalyway and Leo4All

But you should little bit wait till 10.5.4 :)

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