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  1. ? about iATKOS v4a.

    Hello! 1.How would you compare LawlessPPC 10.5.4 vs iATKOS v4a? My config: AMD ATHLON X2 4200+ ASUS M2N-E SLi ASUS X1600 Pro Top IDE and SATA HDD available IDE DVD-RW Does iATKOS have PS/2 support? And is it possible to go through install process with PS/2 mouse and Keyboard. Thank you very much!
  2. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    Hello! Does new iATKOS v4a (from AMD) is any PS/2 patch? And if not, what is the best one, and if possible with whom I can use keyboard in install process. Thank you!
  3. Patch help on 10.5.2 installation

    Well I haven't get my kalyway to boot, but you should try to use second amd patch, and legacy flag. Mainly if the system don't start it's problem in motherboard or cpu driver, because if there would be problem in VGA it wound show you anything or blue screen. There is two top level DVDs - Kalyway and Leo4All But you should little bit wait till 10.5.4
  4. Patch help on 10.5.2 installation

    I think that active in not the right one , because there can be two active partitions, but boot can be only one. And in Gparted live cd there is both set active and set as boot, so they should mean something different. Download GParted from here!
  5. Patch help on 10.5.2 installation

    About MBR for AMD you should chose it, but I couldn't find where to do that. Jas Partition magic boot cd will work, but Gparted live cd is freeware and I don't know is there any boot flags. ( with boot flag you can say from what partition to boot)
  6. Patch help on 10.5.2 installation

    Check this guide: Click here! It's pretty the same to yours. But what Version of 10.5.2 are you using? Kalyway, leo2all etc...
  7. Problem with any install

    I'd use chain0 instead. It's more simple. You need to get gparted live cd or ubuntu live cd. Here is how to get fully working boot menu: 1.Insert Gparted live cd or ubuntu live cd and open gparted. 2.Right click on windows partition and chose flag management. 3.Check boot option. 4.Save and restart. 5.In windows open My Computer 6.Click on menu bar Tools --> Folder Options --> View 7.Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files", and apply. 8.Set "Show hided files", and apply and ok. 9.Go to drive C:\ (or where your windows is) and open file boot ini. 10.Add C:\chain0="Mac OS X86" and the new line and end of file. 11.Download chain0. Click here! 12.Extract file. 13.Put chain0 in your C:\ drive ( where boot.ini file were) Thats it, now you can boot to both XP & OSX
  8. Hi! I reinstalled Kalyway 5.2 and chose following patches: Kernel: kernel_9.2_sleep Video drivers: NATIT_For_X1000_series Motherboard: AppleNForceATA AppleOnboardPCATA AppleGenericPCATA AMD patches: AMD_1052_Patch_test_1 In -v mode I can read that it's stoping at "No network interfaces, could not update platform UUID" In this motherboard there is nForce 500 chipset, so there is nforce ethernet. Which Networks_Cards drivers do I need to install to run nforce ethernet? To work AMD Athlon X2 4200+ do I need to chose patch test 1 or 2? And do I need this legacy flag? P.S. It's shows all the time this line about And please what packages did you chose to run Kalyway 10.5.2 on AMD Athlon X2 and nforce mobo? Thank you, all the best to U all
  9. Hello! I got and installed Kalyway 10.5.2, but it isn't booting correctly and it's frozen on apple boot logo. On install I checked following patches: Kernel: sleepkernel Graphics: ATIRadeonX1000SeriesGraphics SSE2_Jas1048_ACPI_APIC All other patches as default. Maybe I need to choose other kernel? I have Asus M2N-E sli (nforce chip) Asus X1600Pro Top Maybe some one with similar spec have got work this install, could say what did you selected. So under -v in boot I got this message: localhost fseventsd: Logdir /.fseventsd get new uuis: XXXXXXXX - XXXX etc. What may couse this problem? Maybe SSE2_Jas1048_ACPI_APIC patch? I don't know why I chose to install it... Please help!
  10. I just installed this kalyway, but I can't get any further then grey apple boot screen, Why is it so?
  11. Hello! I had some problems with kalyway 10.5.2. some time ago, but I didn't have time for fixing them. I got that famous error "still waiting for root device", So it's problem of DVD drive what can not be found during installation dvd startup. My ata/sata setup if following: Ata HDD - Windows XP Ata HDD - Data + can add OSX partition SATA HDD - DATA + can make OSX partition as well ATA DVD/RW DL ATA CD/DVD Combo So I have found some flat installs in web of 10.5.2, but can I make flat install from kalyway DVD? Or is there any other way how to install it from HDD, or 4Gb memory stick? I wanted to export all files from DVD to flash drive, I found software with what I can export all files from DVD, but in flash drive I cant put two different file system files. SO is there any trick how I could make it work? Thank you very much! Art
  12. I just found how to do it with IsoBuster, now I'm going to try to install it... I'll be back soon
  13. It shouldn't be so hard, but main problem is that in windows it dosn't se mac files and when I try to extract files, it extracts just 64kb ( all what needed to boot from PC machine ), but other files isn't viewable for pc, maybe there is some software to view mac files, and extract them, if no after some time I'll be able to work with imac and then I'll extract all mac files to flash drive , and add just PC boot files from PC...