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Mouse Movement + CPU Utilization, Logic Pro 8.02


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I did some testing in Logic Pro 8.02.


When some plugin window is open and I move it around the screen the CPU utilization increases with no apparent reason.


Also when I simply move the mouse around the desktop quickly with no applications running, CPU utilization increases too.


Any ideas ?



This post refers to System 2 in my signature, with:

OS: Vanila 10.5.4/Chameleon,

EFI String for 8800GTS,

Internal audio disabled in BIOS and taruga's patch not applied,

Internal LAN disabled in BIOS,

Keyboard is Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave with latest drivers from logitech.com

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in logic i have the same issue with apple usb keyboard and apple usb mouse on my hackmac... and anyway i have this problem on macbook pro too :P


but ok i dont have this, when i just only move the mouse, without open application.

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