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Some problems booting any OS


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I'm on a Satellite A205

With Windows Vista HP


I Was trying to dual-boot Leo.

I Create the partition fine, pop in the CD, format the partition for OSX Journaled.

I Then proceed to install Leo.

30 Minutes later or whatever, supposedly it installed fine, and it wanted me to reboot to finish the install, so i did so.

From there on, it wouldn't boot to any OS, Vista or OS X

I Then go back to the mac installation, and i try to play around with disk utility till maybe its working then.

I End up erasing all the info on that partitition to try to just get Vista to start. It still would not.

Just try test things, I put in a windows XP cd, and when I go to the repair or install part, it says no hard drive could be found, make sure its powered on etc...


Disk Utility reads my HD fine, but I can't do much in disk utility.


Can I please get some help on what to do from here? Either to correctly install OS X, or just to boot vista back up.


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I Tried reinstalling mac, this time I Got, 30 minutes later:

"Install Failed"


"MAC OS X could not be installed on your computer"


"The installer encountered an unknown error that failed the install."


Anyone know how to just get back to Vista, that'll help



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