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MacBook and solidworks

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Alright, so I've been using a JaS version of osx86 on my 4 year old campaq desktop and it's great :) running quite nicely, no problems for install.


Anyhow, I'm going to university this fall in mechanical engineering, so I'll eventually be doing CaD work in SolidWorks. And was wondering if the macbook, 2.4ghz/4gb ram would be strong enough to make that work properly. Not that I would need to make huge models, probably the biggest being around 100 elements and no real need to use renderings a lot. Or if I have to do rendering and other stuff of that type, I might as well do it on one of the university's computer to use their large displays (though I'm planning on getting a flat panel screen as a secondary screen at home). Yes I'd be using solidworks under bootcamp.


So basically, my question is, Is a fully loaded macbook (not pro) strong enough to comfortably run smallish solidworks projects ? Or do CADs need a "real" graphic card ?

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