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Noob help.


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Got a HP m8190a, have tested the kalyway 10.5.2 install on a partition and has all worked well (except internet which I am hoping for help for in the hardware/wireless & lan section of this forum). Unfortunately.... Vista doesn't like being partitioned. I have caused a HFS+ partition failure and had to recover the entire computer back to factory default (yes i had everything backed up... not that silly). Since then I have tried compacting everything down and moving the MFT files which hasn't worked well for me aka. recovery no. 2.


So the bright Idea: 1) Get my windows vista ultimate install disc...

2) get my OS X Leo install disc

3) wipe vista off my harddrive so thoroughly that I might just have to take a day off in celebration

4) Install Leo

5) Use Bootcamp to partition and install vista again

6) Enjoy my shiny new OS without vista causing the entire computer to not be able to boot.


THE BIG QUESTION: Will bootcamp work with kalyway 10.5.2?

The smaller question: Can I install Vista Ultimate 64bit or only 32bit?

the smallest question: Has anyone done this before and is there a reference guide (yes even though Bootcamp is pretty point and click)


Ty for the time peoples also TY to all the people who have done so much work to get all of this working and continue to develop for the OSx86 project.



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I have an answer to your smallest question.


There is a guide wirtten by I_am...me (that's the OP's ID) right above this thread in the same subforum. It's a sticky thread. I followed it with success and I have been using both OSes since then.


I have an answer to your smaller question.


You can install both versions along with Leopard.


P.S. As far as I see, Boot Camp is for Macs not for hackintoshes. (It's an overkill and an irony to use Boot Camp on hackintoshes to install Vista.) My guess to your big question is no, it will not work.

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Just found a forum thread in a place I ain't looked before on this site that clearly states multiple times that Bootcamp just does not work....


Ty for the help Stravaganza



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Ok so I have read http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=73952&st=0 (I_am...me's post) .... and I'm lost.


.... I have to format my hardrive using the diskutil in tiger on my external HDD and make it a GUIB format.

Then make the harddrive active etc etc


Then I install my copy of Leo (Kalyway 10.5.2). Now I assume that if i wanted to I could leave everything at this and to use this computer which means I could press the power button and Leo would load all by itself without me doing anything special.


Now once thats all good. I go into Diskutil from my fresh install and make a partition in Mac OS ext format. Once this is done... I delete that partition and reformat it as fat.


Having done that I continue on and Install Windows Vista.


Now the NEW big question! Once I have these two operating systems installed... what do i do? If i turn my computer off how do i make it boot into mac os or windows? will it boot into mac os automatically if I don't do anything etc etc. This is where i broke one of my last installs. I don't know how to set it up the boot systems... Have gotten completely lost a few times.....



2nd big question: This means what...........So after you get EFI v8 working you can go ahead and install windows, but only x64 XP or vista...........? which version do i use? 32bit or 64bit? Sucks not knowing all the jargon lol. !


Ty for your time whoever reads this,



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