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GeForce Go 6150


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Hi all, I know this has been beat to death by myself and others in other forum sections but I had to make a new thread here to possibly get some attention to what I had in mind.


By all means if what I'm about to type out is completely ridiculous, please just kill the thread here and now, but here goes:


I couldn't help but notice that the GeForce 6200 TC works fully with QE/CI enabled under the wiki's HCL information.


Now, that particular card, much like the 6150 shares ram with the system dynamically.


What I'm basically thinking is: is there a way to derive code from the way the 6200 TC works to make the 6150 work with full QE/CI support?


The current NVinject Go drivers allow for resolution switching, and work perfectly, except for QE/CI, and from what I gather it's because unlike other cards it does not have its own VRAM. The 6200 being in a very similar situation, and working perfectly, I was wondering if some coding gurus can make this work?


Now, before anyone calls me an idiot I know nothing about programming, so please take it easy.


Either way, I'd like to hear someone's input.

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