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MSI L740 Kalyway installion problem.


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Hi all,

I've downloaded & burned (twice) Kalyway 10.5.2 without any changes to the iso.

I've botted my laptop from the DVD & the computer got stucked.


here is a screenshot, sorry for the poor quality - hope that you'll might be able to help me.


P.S in the IRC I've got several ways to figure it out:

1. The iso is damaged.

2. I've got into kernel panic.

3. Format to HFS+ paratition.


What of those seem to you like the problem?


Thanks in advantage.



Yoni D.


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Hey pplz!! :(

Although I didn't got any respondes I started to check my notebook step-by-step!


Lucky me, I found the problem... my notebook BIOS (Im using the MS-1053 main board) was 1.40.


After I updated my MS-1053 BIOS version to 7.25 All I had to do is insert the DVD & install.


The OSX working awsome!

The current bugs that I'm trying to pass trough are:

- No audio card detected: It is hard to find out what version of realtek I'm having on my laptop - All I figure out so far is that I'm using the Realtel ALC sound card.

- Video card (Intel 950) is working but it is slow! (Via the screen saver...). Kext & extreme options are disabled - I'll try to work on those points later.

- I couldn't found a way to replace the Mac special button (e.x Command).

- Wireless cards via PCI-E & External PCI slot are not recognized.

- CardReaders: O2Micro OZ711MP1 isn't function as well.

- Bluetooth isn't working too.


At least this is for now.

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