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  1. dcai777, you're a genius! Thanks, running the installation now.
  2. Yes, it is. Both the HDD & the OSX media are under the same SATA controller set to SATA AHCI.
  3. Dcai777, thanks for your reply!!! After making sure that VirtualBox will load my bootable CD as SATA AHCI I was able to boot into the setup wizard, but I don't see any HDD there - it didn't load the VM HDD. Do you know what may cause it? Thanks!
  4. BTW, I've just installed Trial of VMware Fusion 6, used the Maverick dmg file without the AppleTyMCEDriver module and its installing, its MUST be an issue with the latest version of VirtualBox nor its configuration.. somewhere
  5. Dear all, I'm a proud owner of MBP (Mid 2012) 13'. Running OSX 10.9 (Maverick) with the latest version of VirtualBox (3.4.6 I think...) I've tried to setup Maverick on VB for performing tests on it but couldn't make it. I've used the App Store Maverick installation .app to make it both bootable ISO & .dmg (with & without AppleTyMCEDriver) Any time I'm booting the machine its freezing, screenshot attached. If needed, my MBP info: Any ideas whats causing this issue? or how can I solve it? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'll check it l8r tonight, it is 17:31pm here in my country (Israel).
  7. Hi all, Since I installed Tiger 10.4.x I noticed it's detected correctly my RT73 internal wifi card - What Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2 couldn't do!!! Although after a restart I found that the wireless is not detected or it detected but with alarm (Yellow indicator) & pooling an Apipa IP address (169.254.x.x) & the radio seem to be off (While I'm running the wifi software [i can't turn the radio On] ). Is this a known issue? any fix for this bug? Thanks for your information in advantage.
  8. Hi all, At first while I decided to test osx project on my laptop I installed on it the Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2. This installion could not detect my sound card (Realtek ALC 883). It was able to detect my sound card only after I tweaked the codec with my Ubuntu system codec, BUT it only detected it I was not be able to play any sound, yet. So I decided to give a test for Tiger 10.4.X (It realated to some .nu group or something, I don't know even what it means...) Any way... with their release the sound card is working properlly (At least with my laptop speakers - I didn't tried yet the jacks.) Is there a way to take the Driver from the Tiger system & install it into the 10.5.2 system?? Because Tiger has bad issuses with my networks cards (wired & wireless...). Have an grate day!! thanks for your info.
  9. CrAzYoNi

    RT73 USB work only in Safe Mode

    Hi there, Well I have the same issue as mentioned above. I just did a fresh installion of Kalyway 10.5.2, I turned it on with the -f flag. As result the OS detected my MSI 6877 \ RT73 as an ethernet card who don't get IP address. While checking it out with the wireless application it allways telling me that the radio is off. I hope that in 2 hours I'll finish to try & update to Kaylway 10.5.3 & see if it helps. Any suggestion for buying a usb wlan stick that will work on leopard?! :\
  10. CrAzYoNi

    Sound driver problem.

    Hi there , I installed on my notebook (system details below) Leopard 10.5.2. While I'm installing it without the video card driver the sound is working well - But all that I can see is a blue screen. When I'm installing the Video driver th sound ain't working. Any ideas about something that may occur this kind of problem? P.S installing the ALC883 driver not helping. Notebook details: Model: MSI L-740 CPU: 1.83Ghz T5600, Core2Duo RAM: 2GB Chipset: Intel 945 Video card: Intel 950 Sound card: Realtek ALC883 (I think...) Wireless: RT61 (Mini-PCI) + Edimax 7108PCG (PCMCIA) ** Those 2 interfaces are not working, yet. LAN: Realtek
  11. CrAzYoNi

    MSI L740 Kalyway installion problem.

    Hey pplz!! Although I didn't got any respondes I started to check my notebook step-by-step! Lucky me, I found the problem... my notebook BIOS (Im using the MS-1053 main board) was 1.40. After I updated my MS-1053 BIOS version to 7.25 All I had to do is insert the DVD & install. The OSX working awsome! The current bugs that I'm trying to pass trough are: - No audio card detected: It is hard to find out what version of realtek I'm having on my laptop - All I figure out so far is that I'm using the Realtel ALC sound card. - Video card (Intel 950) is working but it is slow! (Via the screen saver...). Kext & extreme options are disabled - I'll try to work on those points later. - I couldn't found a way to replace the Mac special button (e.x Command). - Wireless cards via PCI-E & External PCI slot are not recognized. - CardReaders: O2Micro OZ711MP1 isn't function as well. - Bluetooth isn't working too. At least this is for now.
  12. Hi all, I've downloaded & burned (twice) Kalyway 10.5.2 without any changes to the iso. I've botted my laptop from the DVD & the computer got stucked. here is a screenshot, sorry for the poor quality - hope that you'll might be able to help me. P.S in the IRC I've got several ways to figure it out: 1. The iso is damaged. 2. I've got into kernel panic. 3. Format to HFS+ paratition. What of those seem to you like the problem? Thanks in advantage. Yours, Yoni D.