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Tip for Acronis boot manager

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I have been using Acronis OS Selector fro a while. It is part of the Disk Director Suite. The version I am using is 2117. 2160 has a bug and problems correctly recognizing a XP partition.


To succesfully boot OSX one has to format the target disk with Disk Director because OSX will format in GUID and that type is not supported by Acronis.


If you however format the disk as ShagOS swap and install osx on the disk and it will be reconized by the boot manager as "Unknown operating system".


I had forgotten about this and need to reinstall. :(


Most probably you can also use Grub without doing this but I do not want to spend time on figuring that out. So if you are like me then do right the first time.


Good luck


BTW if you are also using Vista then you have to use a trick to recognize it with version 2117. Information about that is available in Wilders security forum

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