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  1. BarryBar

    New amd motherboards!

    Can you tell how you this board working!
  2. BarryBar

    ATI 6850

    On netkas site under the topic Some News about latest 10.6.5 beta there is mentioned that in the drivers of this build Cayman (6970 6950) Barts (6870 6850) are supported. So if can get hold of these drivers than I hope to read about your success in getting the card to work fully with OSX.
  3. BarryBar

    [Guide] HD 4890 in SL 10.6.3

    Hey render^ A big thanks to you for your tip to install both 10.6.3 packages for netkas site. That solved my problem with my fresh install completely! It is nice that there are people like you here who try to help one and other Bar.
  4. BarryBar

    Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    First of all it is nice to see that you are reading this thread. Secondly I never claimed to be technically acclaimed. There is no doubt that I respect your abilities and accomplishments and I give credit to that. It is great that you developed in PC EFI the possibity to load rom files since it is certainly working for me. I just tried to help another forum member out but you are welcome to laugh loud about that. That says more about you than me.
  5. BarryBar

    Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    You are absolutely right. I should have looked. In mine it is also like that but it is working. There is no doubt about that.
  6. BarryBar

    Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    Nice to hear about your success! The fan speed of my 4890 is actually spot on. Before the kexts load there is a lot fan noise but then it goes down and stay down until you play a game but that is normal. @Vanillian It is important that the ATI.ROM file is loading. Maybe you have seen this then I have said nothing but there should be a dot in between ATI and the ROM extension 5. You added: <key>ATIROM</key> <string>Yes</string> To the com.apple.Boot.plist in the Extra folder, and added it to the com.apple.Boot.plist within /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ My guess is that if you forgot the file won't load. I believe downgrading is simple using time machine but I have to admit I am not using it either. To get system going again you need to remove the 4800 controller kext and the patched atiradeonx2000.kext. Then you can boot normally again. Otherwise only safeboot (-x) is possible. Good luck with finding the solution.
  7. BarryBar

    Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    In regard to step 5 I actually put the com.apple.Boot.plist files in that came with the PC EFI 10.3 package. But indeed in these files the string <key>ATI.ROM</key> <string>Yes</string> is essential to load the ATI.ROM file which is put in the Extra folder. Another update is that I am now using my own ATI.ROM file made from my Club3D HD 4890 Superclocked. I noticed it is bigger than the PC EFI 10.3 package ROM file namely 128 bytes instead of 64 bytes. For those of you who would like to do that also. Here is how. In windows you can export the bios with the free tool GPU-Z. That will save a bin file. In my case the file is called by default RV790.bin. Okay this bin file can loaded and if needed edited in the Radeon Bios Editor also a free tool. If you save the loaded ATI bios in that program it will created the ROM file you need in osx. Just rename to ATI.ROM and put it in the Extra folder. And no I did not see errors in verbose. After seeing the line device in slot-1 it got garbled. But I had the same problem in 10.6.1. I have tried the Evoenabler in combination with netkas kexts but that did not work for me. I also have a screenshot here
  8. BarryBar

    Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    First of all let me say how much I appreciate this forum for the information on offer and all the people who contribute to it. For years I used a good ATI x1950 XT card but it became time to replace it. Since the ATI 5000 series is not yet supported with drivers. I decided to go for a Club3D Radeon HD 4890 super-clocked card, 950 Mhz. Nvidia was not option since I find the price - quality of their products in comparison to ATI lesser. Also this company has a despicable policy like switching Physx off on a dedicated card when a ATI card for the main display is detected. All of that in the windows environment of course. So besides the ATI 4890 I bought also a GT 220 Nvidia card for Physx since there is a patch available which prevents the above from happening. After making everything work in Windows 7 I went to OSX Snow leopard. First thing is that you need to recompile the DSDT.aml file in windows with a tool that is already mentioned in this forum. Iasl.exe it is called. Otherwise your osx system won't start with the new video card installed. In my case two cards. Then I installed the latest netkas package for exotic cards. Reboot gave me only distortion and a garbled screen. So graphicsenabler did not work for me. Of course I had managed to install the latest Chameleon with PC EFI v10.5. Only safe boot was possible but the video card gave the sound of vacuum cleaner since no driver is loaded. The working solution I consider DSDT editing for the video card but that is too technical for me. And it would cost me too much time. So after much reading here and other places I already had downloaded the 10.3 PCEFI package from the EVOSX86 website which came with a ATI.ROM image for the 4890 which has to put in the Extra folder. You can find that here => http://www.osx86.es/?cat=32 After total frustration I read here that other people had heard of it but had not tried that. So I thought what the heck and after placing the ATI.ROM in Extra and the two com.apple.Boot.plist files in the right places. One in Extra and the other in the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ the system booted with crispy graphics! Quartz extreme and Core image acceleration goodness, yes! To be clear I still use PC EFI v10.5 since I considered that v10.5 certainly can do what v10.3 is capable off So a big thanks goes out to netkas who makes all this possible with his great PCEFI contribution to the OSX86 community. And his binary patching of the kexts for the 4890 of course. Hopefully this account will help other 4890 owners who are stuck at the moment with 10.6.2. Maybe even a custom ROM made from the used 4890 card would work even better. I had no time to test this and I leave it for now since my system is working.
  9. BarryBar

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    That is nice to hear. Without kext would mean that is no quartz extreme and core image. You can verify this by trying to start the Apple dvd player program. It won't start and will give an error message. Can you confirm this?
  10. BarryBar

    Will my graphics card work on a Hackintosh

    Sorry to hear your trouble. I am not using PC_EFIv10.5 yet it is great innovation for netkas. Your card is not standard since it sports hdmi displayport and dvi. Whether or not that is the cause for the black screen I do not know. On the other hand my knowledge is also limited. You could go also online on irc => irc.osx86.hu and visit the #radeonhd channel there and ask some help there with specific card. Good luck
  11. BarryBar

    Will my graphics card work on a Hackintosh

    spenceju In regard to netkas instructions I have not used them (yet). What I do know is that -x is one of the boot options. When your Hac starts up, after you hit space within usually 4 to 5 seconds it is possible to enter -x at the bootloader prompt What I am wondering though is whether you read this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=182905 and more important did you follow the advice of bm2 in the third post. If not my advice to you is to try first that since it is easier to execute and success is reported by silca in that thread Success with making your card work fully in os x
  12. BarryBar

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    About the Physx disabling protection measure (when Ati main video card is present) of nvdia in recent forceware drivers: The great hacker GenL has hacked this protection so it can be disabled using his crack. Down-loadable here http://www.ngohq.com/graphic-cards/16223-n...is-present.html after post 30 or so
  13. BarryBar

    New macs include 4850

    You can get a lot of info from Apple without reading or searching here for hours. Go to the Apple site and look at the build to order video card options for the Mac Pro. For Ati it is the HD 4870 and not mentioned but separably introduced by EVGA the GTX 285. Of the two the GTX 285 chip is the most powerful but if we must believe the news, made end of life by nvidia because of the 5800 series by ATI.So pc GTX 285 cards can get scarce. As far as I know the whole GTX 200 series pretty much works. I believe also the GTX 295 can be made to work in OS X but you should search on that in this forum. With patch from the great netkas you can make the Ati HD 4890 also work. Overclocked it is challenges the GTX 985 in performance. Lastly there are rumors that the update of the Mac Pro in Q1 2010 will bring as an option the At HD 5870. At least that is what I am hoping for. On a side note if you want Physx in games use nVidia card(s) or and Ati card with a dedicated nvidia card for instance the 9600GT (windows 7). For the latest nvidia windows drivers to work in that setup with Ati you need a crack to use Ati as main video output and nvidia as dedicated physx card. Crack can be obtained in this thread after page 30 or so. http://www.ngohq.com/graphic-cards/16223-n...is-present.html
  14. BarryBar

    Will my graphics card work on a Hackintosh

    Besides the new HD 5850 which is currently not supported in OS X I am also interested in this video card. To check whether it is fully supported you need to know if core image and quartz extreme are working. For that it is important what system you are running Leopard 10.5 or Snow Leopard 10.6. I could not derive that from your post. In Leopard click the apple symbol, in the top menu bar and click about this Mac. Then click more info and select Graphics/displays. In the summary it will tell whether or not ci and qe are supported. In Snow Leopard this information is no longer present. But if the top menu bar is translucent that is an important indication that it is working. To know for sure you have to start the apple dvd player in the applications folder. That program will give an error it core image and quartz extreme are not working. It would be nice if you could report back which os x you are using and whether the GIGABYTE GV-R489OC-1GD 4890 RTis fully functioning (like full resolution change) with core image and quartz extreme. Also a tip, mention the Gigabyte 4890 card in the title of your post. It was by chance - although I do not believe in it - that I clicked on your post it since I tend to ignore generic questions in this forum about what hardware will work.
  15. BarryBar

    How to know if CI/QE is enabled ?

    Yeah I remember this app. It is not working on an intel Mac though because the classic environment is not supported on an intel Mac or a Hackintosh. Thanks anyway though. Someone else on the thread about the radeon 1950XT said that starting the dvd player is a good test. If you do not have QE CI the dvd player will give an error.