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Dell e520 Boot-132 Retail Install guide

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hi, i have a dell e520, with intel viiv, and i installed up to the point where you put in your name and adress, get to the mac migration assistant, the click NO THANKS or what ever it says, then it goes into the intro video again, and so on. so i did what you did, then i switched my cable to analog, and then into the built in video. blue cable. i used the mac 10.5.1 leopard retail disk, i bought. then i used that boot 132 disk. i did to your exact steps. please help. im using a geforce 7300 btw.


thanks in advance.



my bad buddy. it was a typo. instead of a lower case g, it should have read "Graphics Mode"="640x480x32"
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I'm having a heck of a time with the install. I boot with the boot-132 CD, insert my retail CD, specify the -v (tried it with -x and -f also) and all I get is a blank screen. It's like the installer loads but is not getting past a particular point. Even with the -v there is no error message displayed.


If I boot without the -v I just get the Apple screen.


I've changed the SATA BIOS setting to autodetect. I have a sata harddrive and sata DVD drive which came with the system.


Any assistance is appreciated!



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2. Once burned, reboot. Press F2 when you see the dell screen. You will enter the BIOS. Go check your Sata settings and make sure its on Auto detect/ATA.


3. Boot from the CD/DVD by pressing F12 or changing your boot order in the BIOS. When it tells you to enter the number of the DVD drive, insert the leopard disc and type the correct number. (Usually the number in brackets)


when i insert the bootcd only 2 drives will show up in bootlist. the dvdrom is not even listed in list.

how do i get the bootdisk to boot from the dvd and not a disk?


please help me out!

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