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  1. anybody managed to get this to work? i'm not able to do this. is it possible that any of you can make a boot disk or a bootable Lion disk? please help me out.
  2. ...By the way, my Dell Dimension E520 doesnt got a onboard video card. It's also this "VIIV" sticker on my case. Don't know what that stands for? The big question is, Will this guide work on my computer?
  3. Does everything work in LION? Sleep? Wake up from sleep? Shutdown? Restart? Sound? Ethernet? Please let me know.
  4. [SOLVED] XFX 7300GS and dual monitor

    yeah man! post the kexts here! don't be greedy! share the hapiness!!!
  5. Dell e520 Boot-132 Retail Install guide

    when i insert the bootcd only 2 drives will show up in bootlist. the dvdrom is not even listed in list. how do i get the bootdisk to boot from the dvd and not a disk? please help me out!
  6. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    i can't find any achi settings in the bios. don't think the msi kn9-sli has AHCI support?
  7. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    i guess so? will i enable achi when i enable raid in bios? i'm not that into bios settings :/
  8. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    no, sir. i use a sata drive.
  9. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    thanks for your reply. i downloaded your bootdisc and swapped to a retail snow leopard disc. I got stucked on "stil waiting for bla. bla. bla..." Picture of scrren--> you got any ideas?
  10. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    Hello Sir! I have been trying to getting OS X to work on my system for about a year now and i have been giving up until today when i came across your topic. But before i start can you please help me with answering if my hardware is usable with os x? My pc specs are: MSI K9N SLI Platinum CPU Socket Type: AM2 Chipset: North Bridge NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP Onboard Audio: Realtek ALC883 (8 Channels) VIA 1394 OHCI Compilant Host Controller CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ RAM: 8GB DDR2 GPU: ATI Radeon X1900 Series I hope to hear from you! Thanks. Have a good day or night wherever you are...
  11. Dell Optiplex GX520

    nono, i try to boot up the retail SL dvd from your bootdisc. and i get stuck. my optiplex got a full size dvdr drive. you know what im doing wrong? please help me out.
  12. Dell Optiplex GX520

    I can t get the bootcd to work. looks like im gettin' a kernel panic? anybody else that have tried the bootcd? please give me feedback.
  13. Dell Optiplex GX520

    ok, so im asking again... anybody got the knowledge of doing this? http://germamey.wordpress.com/2008/12/01/c...il-dvd-install/ it would be great if somebody could make a "SL Boot-123" for the Optiplex GX520 and upload it to someplace. come on guys! help me out!!!
  14. Dell Optiplex GX520

    this are the kexts i selected in the hazard install. ioatafamily appleintelpiixata nullcpupowermanagemenet platformuuid applertc fakesmc ellitforcelegacertc smbiosresolver uuid then i installed the video, audio, lan kexts after the install. i updated to 10.6.3 and my {censored} broke down. at the pc-efi startup it just reboots. anybody knows how to fix this?? retail boot-123/vanila!!! come on guys!! please help me out here.
  15. Dell Optiplex GX520

    thanks dude! imma try em out! have a good week wherever you are!