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ALC889A Audio (P35-DQ6)

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Hey i used to use ALCinject.kext with the AppleHDA.kext and it worked fine. I lost those kexts in a reinstall so i decided to install the new taruga ALC889A kext off his wiki. Ive noticed with most songs the quality of music and bass isnt as good as it used to be?


Ive just found the older ALCinject.kext i was on about, but will it make much of a difference if system profiler doesnt see the information like it does now? and, could there be any reason as to why it doesnt sound as good? i currently have a Logitech G51 and they work flawlessly in Windows, so im still tryna set it up for 5.1 but atm im only running in 2.1.


Any Ideas?

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