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Boot Camp with vista problem


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ok guys heres the scoop, i did get vista to install on my macbook, although here are some problems that i ran into. on restart, vista seemed to be main partition and booted into that, had to hold down option to boot into osx. vista wouldn allow me to see or remove (or i just didnt know were to find them , i didnt extensively look so i might have missed it) some of the default programs to free up some space, a 15GB partition with vista ultimate installed, left me with 2.5 free GBs of space, also since im not into the whole bootcamp scene, all i did was a windows update, and it got all my drivers for everything, so upon install and 1 update, (update for wireless only) i had internet and what not, unsure about bluetooth though.. anyways thats my take on the whole thing, wonder what any one has to say, solutions to the minor problems i had or what not.. btw i deleted it off my computer just becuase i am a true OSX guy, no need for windows.




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