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System Crashs on 10.5.3

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I was wondering if anyone had the same problem,



Asus P5N-D

Segate 320 SATA

E-VGA 9600 GT

4 GB Crucial DDR 800


I have Kalyway 10.5.3 installed and updated no problem, have the Mac USB to Eithernet adapter for internet... running no video card drivers


everything works great but once in a while under heavy load the system crashes and asks to restart..


if I get a proper videocard would that stop the crashes? Or maybe motherboard comparability?

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I also get random kernel panics. It seems to happen, when lots of IO is going on (time machine backup). I run vanilla kernel and have all the latest updates so I'm a bit clueless what to try now.


Checked already the system RAM with memtest, no errors found.


Update: the culprit was the WLAN-Driver for this {censored} DLINK-DWL-122. Now I've ordered a ASUS WL-138g V2 card to get native (Airport) WiFi.

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Humm... yeah I did get instant crashes when I used my onboard Lan. Now I switched over to the apple Eithernet adapter and it works great.. Is it possible my old motherboard Lan is still causing problems? Should I re install OSX without any Lan drivers?

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