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DVI graphic corruption help or information request please

El Massman

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Just wondering if anyone's had this same problem and if there's a solution?


i'm using an nVidia 7600gs with dual DVI out. everytime i boot into OS X using any EFI injector i get either green interference or the screen stays black. the only way to resolve this is to unplug the DVI cable from the computer, wait until the monitor says no signal and then plug it back in. this seems to reset it and it works fine until the next time the computer is rebooted or powered off. i haven't had this problem at all under vista or with OS X using VESA mode so i'm assuming it's got to be something purely to do with OS X's drivers. i've tried every injector i can find and have searched the forum for an answer but can't seem to find anyone with the same problem. only thing i could think of was to try EFI strings but i couldn't get those to work.


any help would be greatly appreciated, this isn't a MAJOR problem but does get annoying having to unplug every time i boot.





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