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Using macbook air to create an DVD image

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Hi everyone!


Sorry if it is an double post in any way, but i could not find anything on how to make an PC DVD disk from an original mac on for me...


I have an macbook air with OSX 10.5.2 cds, and a PC that i use to play games, since i rocked on crysis, now i want to try some thing on this pc, the specs are:


AMD Sempron LE-1150

MB PC-Chips A13G (Chipset NVidia 6100)

2x 512Gb DDR2 667 Kingston in dual channel

2x Samsung 160Gb sata hd (just for data)

1x Samsung 80Gb IDE HD (Just for system)

1x LG IDE DVD Burner


I will format it anyway, but i want to see what OSx86 can do on it, may be i even reinstall my XP, and i buy another OSX license...


Ok, you now may be about to tell me to download the iso from torrent, but i don't have a faster connection (I'm waiting 3G to arrive in Goiania), so it gets many days to download... I saw many months ago an tutorial from BrazilMAC, but i could not find it nor i get some garantee that it could work on my amd...


you have my thanks since now from any reply...

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