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Too many messages in the thread so I shall extract useful informations here.


Q: Don't work!

A: Please be more specific. What do you do and configuration.


Q: I install AGPGart and repair permissions but it doesn't loaded.

A: May be your chipset is not supported. Upload your ioreg (see topic).


Q: Double loaded or kernel panic.

A: It may be a problem with IOPCIFamily.kext. See topic.


Q: Loaded fine but after loginwindows.app I see black screen with live mouse.

A: Default AGP_Base value in AGPGart.kext/info.plist is not good for you. You need to edit it

sudo -s

password: -- enter your password

nano /S*/L*/E*/AGPGart.kext/C*/info.plist

Probably good values



and also







For version 270 we found AGP_Base=aperture_size. Or Video_RAM_size


Q: I have software QE/CI


1. Look GA.plugin/info.plist. You must edit it to


2. Aperture size must be 64Mb or 128Mb. Else - software QE only!


Q: I have blue screen

A: It is a problem of Framebuffer. You must to change IONDRVSupport.kext to version 1.4.3.

Take it here

If you use Callisto - uninstall it. It doesn't work in AGP mode.


Q: What version of AGPGart is best for me?

A: 265f, 267, 271 - choose one by own experience. All other versions have no sense.


Q: I have SIS, S3, VIA graphics card AGP.

A: Without graphics driver AGPGart has no sense.


Q: I have IntelGMA9xx graphics.

A: It is not AGP.


Q: I have nVidia. In system.log I see

NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel exception!

A: I have no answer. Look http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=86054


Q: I can enter GUI but OpenGL crashes.

A: I saw the same crashes even without AGPGart. It is another task.

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Where can I find the 1.2 AGPGart version? When I load the 2.7.1 (the one that I have with iAtkos 5i) it loads the AGPGart but then it freezes and doesn't load the rest. I read that the 2x versions of AGPGart were for AMD chipsets only and I have Intel.

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