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how do i set up sound, wireless? and weird pop-up window when OSX opens?


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i've installed using kalyway 10.5.2 - installed great, except i have no sound. i have enabled my onboard audio device in my bios and selected the sigmatel driver when installing, but it indicated that no device is available. i would also like to be able to connect to the internet with my wireless adapter (i'm running on my NIC right now) - i have a dlink wda 1320.


another thing is when i boot up and OSX loads, i get a pop-up window that says, "disk insertion: the disk inserted was not readable by the computer." and it gives me three options (initialize, ignore and eject). anyone know what would cause this?



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so... *no one* knows what the solution to this is?


I however do.


Right first of all rip out that Soundblaster X-Fi Its pretty Useless.


Next you need to find an app from the internet called AppleHDAPatcherv.1.20, this can either be very easy to find or hard, as we found out :)


Okay next you need to right-click on this file http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=9030 and click 'Save Linked File As...' and save it somewhere.


Next drag the Patcher app onto your desktop. Don't launch it. Grab that text file and drag it onto the icon of the patcher... We dont mean the dock, we mean the actual icon, that youd click to open it etc. Sit back for a sec or two, this will do the rest of the work, it might ask you for the admin password, just give it to it. Reboot, and your sound should work.


A few bugs to point out.

  • Mute doesn't work
  • Its only the green in and the blue and red outs. 5.1 doesnt work

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